& Costs

Do you quote custom rates on individual projects?

Absolutely. Every project is different. We work in many capacities across diverse markets, striving to consistently deliver high-quality media in a pleasant and professional manner.

How do you charge for services?

This varies greatly. With new clients, we frequently require a 50% down payment with remainder due upon project completion.

How much for a 2 minute promo video?

To answer this question, we need more information.  Please contact us to begin the dialog.



What gear do you film with?

We always film with professional broadcast-quality equipment, to be more specific:

Lighting Equipment

Audio Equipment

  • Shotgun mic
  • Lavalier mic
  • Omnidirectional mic
  • Zoom H4N Digital Recorder

Do you rent out your equipment?

No; we are not a rental house. In special circumstances we will consider renting out our gear after a training session.

Do you recommend or sell equipment?

We are not an equipment retailer and do not stock items for sale.  We are happy to offer equipment recommendations when time permits.


& Tutoring

Do you tutor other videographers?

We offer tutoring on a limited basis; right now it is limited to current clients.

Do you tutor video editing?

We can teach specific video editing techniques by preparing a video tutorial.  We are not currently offering in-person tutoring.


& Events

Do you film at weddings?

No. We do not typically film at weddings.

Do you film at corporate events?

Yes. We regularly film at corporate events and trainings.

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